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Welcome to my William Faulkner Catalog. The listings will be updated regularly

Unless otherwise stated all books are first printings of American first hardbound trade editions; all periodicals contain the first American appearance of the piece listed, predating any book appearance ; and all ephemera and autographs are guaranteed authentic.


An "edition" is the way a book looks coming off the printing press; "printing" is the number of times the press has been put to work. An "edition" can go through many "printings" - there can be a "first edition, 9th printing." You get a new "edition" when a new set-up of type is used or when there has been a substantial change of the text or redesign of the book. As a rule with very few exceptions for a book to be collectible it has to be not just the first edition but the first printing of that first edition. Much confusion is caused by sellers saying only "first edition" as an abbreviation. When "first edition" is used without a mention of printing it is supposed to mean the first printing. Unfortunately, a lot of sellers either accidentally or intentionally say "first edition" and nothing more to refer to any printing of that edition. That is misleading, and sometimes dishonest. Unless you know a dealer or that person's reputation rules out doubt someone thinking about buying a "first edition" should always make sure that the book is in fact the first printing. In this catalog "first edition" always means the first printing of the first edition.

Because the layout of the book and the body of the text is the same for all printings of an edition a later printing can generally be used for quotations and citations. This means that scholars can usually rely in their work on any printing of the first edition, thereby saving a considerable amount of money. This might not always be the case, an inquiry should be made in advance.

Another concern is the dust jacket. To be collectible a "first edition" should have a dust jacket that came with it at the time the book was printed. Dust jackets are generally redesigned more frequently than books. Sometimes changes are small (a single digit changes), sometimes they are obvious. There might be a different dust jacket for every printing of a book. To make it more confusing, sometimes a dust jacket can change even during the course of a single printing. That is, there might be two different dust jackets that were used for the first printing of the first edition of a book. The different ways a dust jacket looks are called "states" - there might be a first state dust jacket, second state jacket, and so on. An "edition" of a book can be properly wrapped in any dust jacket that had been used by the publisher for that edition. Though this is not common a first edition book might be available in either a first or second state dust jacket. As a general rule the most collectible copy will be a first edition, first printing in a first state dust jacket. A buyer should try to make sure that the book has a correct dust jacket. Unfortunately, even many responsible dealers do not know how to correctly identify all first state dust jackets - innocent mistakes are common. Most of the value of a book is in the dust jacket, not the book itself. So, to avoid spending a lot of money and getting less than you are paying for expensive books in dust jackets should be purchased only from dealers who guarantee what they are selling, and in whom you have confidence that you will never need their guarantee. In this catalog the dust jacket on a "first edition" book will always be the first state unless otherwise stated.


This catalog is divided into 15 sections (not counting this introduction section). In each section condition of an item is described in the second column from the right. Books and records will have two grades: the first is for the book or record itself, the second is for the dust jacket or record sleeve, with a "/" in between. So, (book condition/ jacket condition). Things that do not have an outer cover, such as a paperback or a magazine, will just have one grade.

(F) = Fine - the highest grade I use
(VG) = Very Good
(G) = Good
(P) = Poor - the lowest grade

Some grades include the word "minus" or "plus." I mean this to indicate an item that is a little worse or better than a solid Very Good (for instance), but not quite as bad or good as the next grade over.

A "paperback original" is a book for which the first and possibly only edition is a paperback. The true "first edition" for a paperback original will be a paperback, not a hardback.
"Sealed" means new, still in the original plastic wrapping.
"XL" means an ex-library copy.
"XL/D" means ex-library with the library's indication of discard.
"RM" means remainder mark.
If an author's name appears in parentheses the item is about the author rather than by the author.
For information pertaining to posters see the introduction to Section XI.

I have duplicates of many of the items, including copies at lower prices. Students, faculty or collectors on tight budgets interested in inexpensive first editions might want to check with me for bargains (relatively speaking). And I generally have in stock cheap paperbacks of most Faulkner fiction in good condition that will cost you a lot less, even with postage added in (see below), than buying a new copy - don't be afraid to ask me.

BUT, I only have one copy each of most of these items, and whoever asks first gets it. Once my last copy of something is sold the item is out of stock. I will try to update my catalog regularly, deleting things that have been sold.

IMAGES: There are very few pictures included in this on-line catalog. I can email pictures of items on request.

SHIPPING COSTS: Prices in this catalog do not include postage. For small orders please add $9.00 for the first item and $3.00 each thereafter for priority shipping. If you would like to save money I am happy to ship by media mail or parcel post - these are much cheaper but also much slower. Ask me if interested. Large orders and orders shipped to other countries will be charged appropriately and fairly.

Those shipping costs do not include insurance. If you would like insurance on your package or if I think you need it it will be charged at actual cost. Normally I do not think that insurance is necessary, but I might insist on it for expensive or heavy packages.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Payment must be in US funds. It can be by check or money order made payable to "Seth Berner," or by cash if you want to risk sending it through the mail. I can not accept credit card payments directly, but can accept them through the paypal on-line payment system, though a small additional handling charge may apply. Feel free to ask me about paypal if you might like to pay by credit card or already have a paypal account.

Orders can be placed by email, snail mail, or telephone (please only telephone between 9:00AM and 9:00PM Eastern US time - I like to sleep sometimes). If you are ordering something please give me both the item number and a brief description of the item, so that I can correctly locate what you want. Please note that item numbers are hyphenated (such as, 1-17) - I need the numbers on both sides of the hyphen. And also remember that many entries have sub-entries a), b), c) etc, and to get your order right I might need not just the number but a letter too. The more information you give me the better the chance that I can get it right.

Items are returnable in the same condition for any reason within ten days. I do need advance notice of an intent to return. If I made an error in description or allowed damage in shipping through careless packaging I will refund your full purchase price plus postage both ways. If you just changed your mind I will refund the full purchase price but not postage.

FINE PRINT: I try not to make mistakes but being human I do. If there is a mistake in condition or price on something you ask about I will let you know. Please note that I do reserve the right to increase a price that appears in the catalog incorrectly. I will not do this often, but it may happen.

I am always interested in buying Faulkner-iana, or in searching for your wants. Really.

LEGAL STATEMENT: The entire contents of this catalog, including all annotations, are copyrighted by Seth Berner.

Table of Contents
0.Introduction and Statement of TermsFirst Page
William Faulkner Books
I.Fictionitems #1-0 through 1-79
II.Non-fiction and Interviewsitems #2-1 through 2-16
III.Biography and Reminiscenceitems #3-1 through 3-21
IV.Critical Studiesitems #4-1 through 4-106
V.Photographic Studiesitems #5-1 through 5-6
William Faulkner Periodicals
VI.Fictionitems #6-1 through 6-72
VII.Non-Fiction and Interviewsitems #7-1 through 7-14
VIII.Biography and Reminiscenceitems #8-1 through 8-18
IX.Critical Studiesitems #9-1 through 9-68
X.Photographic Studiesitems #10-1 through 10-2
William Faulkner Miscellany
XI.Faulkner On the Screenitems #11-1 through 11-59
XII.Faulkner On the Stageitems #12-1 through 12-9
XIII.William Faulkner Etceterasitems #13-1 through 13-39
XIV.Other Faulkner Family Membersitems #14-1 through 14-18
XV.Bibliography and Catalogitems #15-1 through 15-21

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