Section IV: Faulkner Books - Critical Studies

Number Item Edition Condition Cost
University of Mississippi Faulkner Conference Annual Volumes of Papers
4-1.Abadie and Harrington, eds., Faulkner, Modernism and Film (1979):
11 papers from the 1978 Conference.
first edition (XL, VG/VG)10.00
See also item 9-119,, the official volume of proceedings from the 1975 Conference.
Reading Faulkner series
4-2.Hinkle and McCoy, Reading Faulkner: The Unvanquished (1995):
Glossary and Commentary.
first softbound printing (F)10.00
4-3.Adams, Faulkner: Myth and Motion (1968)a) first edition (XL in library binding/ none)10.00
b) 1973 second printing (XL, VG/none)10.00
4-4. American Literary Scholarship, 1976 volume:
492 total pages, Faulkner section by Panthea Reid Broughton.
edition unknown (VG/VG minus)10.00
The American Literary Scholarship is an annual survey of work done in the preceding year on American literature. The book includes a chapter on Faulkner studies, and the index provides citations to work on him from other countries.
4-5.Backman, Faulkner: The Major Years (1966)softbound printing(VG)10.00
4-6.Baker, I Don't Hate the South: Reflections on Faulkner, Family and the South (1966)softbound original, first printing(RM, F)10.00
4-7.Barth, ed., Religious Perspectives in Faulkner's Fiction (1972):
essays by ten different critics
softbound printing (F)10.00
4-8.Bassett, An Annotated Checklist of Criticism (1972)first edition (VG/VG)10.00
4-9.Beck, Man In Motion: Faulkner's Trilogy (1961)first printing (VG/none)10.00
b) softbound edition (VG))10.00
4-10.Bloom, ed., William Faulkner's Sanctuary (1988)first edition(XL, some underlining/none)10.00
4-11.Bloom, ed., William Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury (1988)first edition(XL, highlighting on one page, otherwise VG/VG)10.00
4-12.Bloom, ed., Caddy Compson (1990)first edition(XL/D, VG/VG)10.00
4-13.Bonner, "Work on Faulkner in the Late 1980s (1994):
a 13 page excerpt from Resources for American Literary Study, Vol. 20, No. 1
original, signed by Bonner(VG)5.00
4-14.Brodhead, ed., Faulkner (New Perspectives) (1983)first printing (XL, VG/VG)10.00
4-15.Brooks, The Yoknapatawpha Country (1963)later paperback printing, inscribed by Brooks (VG)20.00
4-16.Broughton, William Faulkner: The Abstract and the Actual (1974)1976 printing (XL, VG/VG)10.00
4-17.Campbell and Foster, William Faulkner (1951):
The first book length study of Faulkner.
first printing (F minus/F)10.00
4-18.Chertok, Time and Destiny In William Faulkner: An Interpretation (1958):
An unpublished Bachelor's Degree thesis.
only printing (VG)10.00
4-19.Collins, "Miss Quentin's Paternity Again (1960):
an 8 page reprint from University of Texas Studies In Literature and Language, Vol. II, No. 3
4-20.Collins, William Faulkner, The Sound and the Fury - The Voice of America Forum Lectures (no date)softbound original first edition(VG/VG)30.00
4-21.Cowan, ed., Twentieth Century Interpretations of The Sound and the Fury (1968)first edition, fourth printing(XL/D, VG/VG)10.00
4-22.Cox, ed., William Faulkner: Biographical and Reference Guide (1982)first printing(XL/D, VG/ none)10.00
4-23.Creighton, William Faulkner's Craft of Revision (1977):
studies The Snopes Trilogy, The Unvanquished and Go Down, Moses
first printing(XL/D, VG/none)10.00
4-24.Davis, Faulkner's "Negro": Art and the Southern Context (1983)softbound edition (VG)10.00
4-25.Dowling, William Faulkner (UK, 1989)first edition (F/none)15.00
4-43.Duvall, Faulkner's Marginal Couple: Invisible, Outlaw, and Unspeakable Communities (1990)first printing (XL/D, VG/none)10.00
4-26.Early, The Making of Go Down, Moses (1972)first printing(VG/ none)10.00
4-27.Everett, Faulkner's Art and Characters (1969)paperback, second printing (VG)10.00
4-28.Fardink, Faulkner and the Military: A Study of Four Novels (1976):
A Masters Thesis at Austin Peay University.
only printing(VG/none, as issued)10.00
4-29.Freehof, Books of Thirty Years (1964)paperback original, signed(VG)10.00
The author wrote reviews and hosted lectures about books for 30 years. This volume contains a thoughtful look at A Fable and 29 others.
4-30.Fried, The Spider In the Cup: Yoknapatawpha County's Fall Into the Unknowable (1978)softbound original(VG)10.00
4-31.Friedman, William Faulkner (1984)1986 printing(XL/D, VG/VG)10.00
4-32.Gold, William Faulkner: A Study in Humanism From Metaphor to Discourse (1966)a) first printing (VG/VG)10.00
b) second printing (1967) (XL, G/none)10.00
4-33.Gresset and Polk, eds., Intertextuality in Faulkner (1985)first edition (XL, VG/VG)10.00
4-34.Harrington, Faulkner's Fables of Creativity: The Non-Yoknapatawpha Novels (1990)first printing (F/F)10.00
4-35.Harrison, Aviation Lore in Faulkner (1985) first edition (XL, VG/none)25.00
An unusually helpful book on flying and flying terminology as it appears in Faulkner's writing, intended for those who know nothing about the subject. Includes page citations for aviation references in Faulkner's works, even includes photos of planes mentioned. Excellent reference for the non-expert.
4-36.Hoffman, William Faulkner (1961)a) first printing (XL, VG/none)10.00
b) paperback printing ( VG)5.00
4-37.Hoffman and Vickery, eds., Three Decades of Criticism (1960):
Contains the interview by Jean Stein and the Nobel Prize Speech.
1965 reprint (XL, VG/none)10.00
4-38.Holman, Three Modes of Southern Fiction: Ellen Glasgow, William Faulkner, Thomas Wolfe (1966)first printing (XL, VG,though in a library binding/none)10.00
4-39.Holmes, Faulkner's Twice-Told Tales: His Re-Use of His Material (1966):
Book published in The Netherlands, text in English.
first printing (VG/none)10.00
4-40.Howe, William Faulkner: A Critical Study (1952)a) expanded second edition, paperback original (F)5.00
b) 1975 4th edition paperback printing (VG)5.00
d) See also item 9-25, the pre-publication magazine version.
4-41.Hunt, William Faulkner: Art In Theological Tension (1965)1973 edition (XL, VG/none)10.00
4-42.Irwin, Doubling and Incest/ Repetition and Revenge: A speculative Reading of Faulkner (1975)1980 softbound edition (VG)10.00
4-43.Jarrett-Kerr, William Faulkner: A Critical Essay (1970):
a Christian perspective
1973 edition (VG)10.00
4-44.Jenkins, Faulkner and Black - White Relations: A Psychoanalytical Approach (1981)first edition (VG/VG) 10.00
4-45.Kimura, Faulkner and Oe: The Self-Critical Imagination (2007)softbound original, first edition (VG)20.00
4-46.Kreisworth, William Faulkner: The Making of a Novelist (1983)first edition (XL, VG/none)10.00
4-47.Kuyk, Threads Cable Strong: William Faulkner's Go Down, Moses (1983)first printing(XL/D, VG/none)10.00
4-48.Lalonde, William Faulkner and the Rites of Passage (1996)first printing(XL, G/none)10.00
4-49.Langford, Faulkner's Revision of Absalom, Absalom!: A Collation of the Manuscript and the Published Book (1971)first edition(VG/VG minus)15.00
4-50.Langford, Faulkner's Revision of Sanctuary: A Collation of the Unrevised Galleys and the Published Book (1972)first edition(VG/VG)15.00
4-51.Leary, William Faulkner of Yoknapatawpha County (1973)first edition(XL/D, VG/G)10.00
4-52.Longley, The Tragic Mask (1963)first printing(VG/VG)10.00
4-53.MacDonald and Welty, The Faulkner Investigation (1985):
Brief essays by Ross MacDonald and Eudora Welty.
softbound original, one of 500 copies (fine)25.00
4-54.Malin, William Faulkner: An Interpretation (1957)second printing (VG/none)10.00
4-55.Massey, Notes on the Unrevised Galleys of Faulkner's Sanctuary (1956)A seperate softbound reprint from Studies in Bibliography (1956) (F)10.00
4-56.Matthews, The Sound and the Fury: Faulkner and the Lost Cause (1991)softbound edition(XL/D,VG)10.00
4-57.McHaney, William Faulkner's The Wild Palms: A Study (1975)first printing (VG/VG)20.00
4-58.McHaney, Ohasi and Ono, eds., Faulkner Studies In Japan (1985)first printing(XL, VG/none)10.00
4-59.McKee, Producing American Races: Henry James, William Faulkner, Toni Morrison (1999)softbound edition(VG)10.00
4-60.Meriwether, ed., , Studies In The Sound and the Fury (1970)softbound original, first edition (VG)10.00
4-61.Meriwether, "Faulkner" (1975):
a 15 page excerpt from American Literary Scholarship, (1973)
original, signed by Meriwether(VG)15.00
4-62.Meriwether, "Faulkner and the New Criticism":
a 10 page excerpt from Books Abroad, (1963) containing the entirety of "Symposium on Explication de Texte," of which Meriwether's article is 3 pages
original, signed by Meriwether with a biting comment(VG)15.00
4-63.Messenger, Sport and the Spirit of Play in Contemporary American Fiction (1990)first printing(VG/VG)10.00
Though not a study of Faulkner he has more entries in the Index than all but a couple of other writers, and so figures heavily in the analysis.
4-64.Millgate, William Faulkner (1961) first softbound US printing(VG)10.00
4-65.Miner, The World of William Faulkner (1952)a) Cooper Square edition (1963) (F minus/none)10.00
b) Evergreen/ Grove Press softbound edition (VG)7.00
4-66.Mintner, ed., Twentieth Century Interpretations of Light In August (1969)first softbound printing(VG)10.00
4-67.Morris, Reading Faulkner (1989)first edition (VG/none)10.00
4-68.O'Connor, The Tangled Fire of William Faulkner (1954)first edition (VG/VG minus)10.00
4-69.O'Connor, William Faulkner - University of Minnesota Pamphlet on American Writers No. 3 (1959)paperback original, 1963 fourth printing (VG)3.00
4-70.Page, Faulkner's Women: Characterization and Meaning (1972)1973 second printing (XL, VG/ none)30.00
4-71.Phillips et al, A Climate for Genius (1976):
Transcripts of a television series on Mississippi authors.
softbound original (VG)30.00
4-72.Pikoulis, The Art of William Faulkner (1982) first printing(XL/D, VG/none)10.00
4-73.Pitavy, Faulkner's Light In August (1973)second printing(XL/D, VG/none)10.00
4-74.Polk, Faulkner's Requiem For a Nun: A Critical Study (1981)first edition (XL/D, VG/none)10.00
4-75.Porter, William Faulkner (2007)first printing (F/F)10.00
4-76.Powers, Faulkner's Yoknapatawpha Comedy (1980)first printing (XL/D, VG/VG)10.00
4-77.Reed, Faulkner's Narrative (1973)first edition(XL/D, G/none)10.00
4-78.Reesman, American Designs: The Late Novels of James and Faulkner (1991)unknown printing(VG/VG)10.00
4-79.Richardson, William Faulkner: The Journey to Self-Discovery (1969)second printing (1970)(VG/VG)10.00
4-80.Ricks, William Faulkner: A Bibliography of Secondary Works (1981)first edition (XL, VG/none)10.00
4-81.Robb, William Faulkner: An Estimate of His Contribution to the American Novel (1957)a) first softbound printing (VG)10.00
b) fourth softbound edition (VG)5.00
4-82.Ross, Fiction's Inexhaustible Voice: Speech and Writing in Faulkner (1989)softbound edition (VG)10.00
4-83.Rovit and Waldhorn, eds., Hemingway and Faulkner: In Their Time (2005)first edition (XL, VG/VG)10.00
4-84.Runyan, A Faulkner Glossary (1964)first edition (XL/D, VG/none)10.00
4-85.Schmitter, ed., William Faulkner: A Collection of Criticism (1973)original softbound edition(VG)10.00
4-86.Singal, William Faulkner: The Making of a Modernist (1997)first edition(XL/D,VG/VG)10.00
4-87.Sleeth, William Faulkner: A Bibliography of Criticism (1962) paperback original(VG)10.00
4-88.Smart, Religious Elements in Faulkner's Early Novels: A Selective Concordance (1965) first edition(XL/D, VG/none)10.00
4-89.Stonum, Faulkner's Career: An Internal Literary History (1979) first printing (F/F) 10.00
4-90.Sundquist, Faulkner: The House Divided (1983)first edition (XL/D, VG/none)10.00
4-91.Swiggart, The Art of Faulkner's Novels (1970)a) first printing (VG/VG)10.00
b) fourth printing (F/G plus)10.00
4-92.Taylor, Faulkner's Search For a South (1983)first printing (F/F)10.00
4-93.Thompson, William Faulkner: An Introduction and Interpretation (1963)softbound original (VG)5.00
4-94.Toyama, Faulkner and the Modern Fable (2001)first edition (VG/ none, as issued)20.00
4-95.Tuck, Crowell's Handbook of Faulkner (1964)softbound original (VG)10.00
4-96.Utley, Bloom and Kinney, editors Bear, Man and God: Seven Approaches to William Faulkner's "The Bear" (1964)a) first softbound printing of first edition (VG)10.00
b) 1971 second edition, softbound printing (VG)10.00
4-97.Vickery, The Novels of William Faulkner: A Critical Interpretation (1964)a) first edition (VG/VG)10.00
b) second printing (ink notes/none)10.00
c) 1964 revised edition (XL, VG/VG)10.00
d) 1973 printing of 1964 revised edition (XL, VG/none)10.00
e) 1995 LSU Press softbound edition of 1964 revised edition (VG)10.00
4-98.Volpe A Reader's Guide to William Faulkner (1964)softbound printing (VG)10.00
4-99.Waggoner, Faulkner: From Jefferson to the World (1959)first edition (VG/VG)10.00
4-100.Watson, The Snopes Dilemma: Faulkner's Trilogy (1968)first printing(XL/D, G/none)10.00
4-101.Weinstein, What Else But Love? The Ordeal of Race In Faulkner and Morrison (1996)softbound edition (2002) (VG)10.00
4-102.Wittenberg, Faulkner: The Transfiguration of Biography (1979)first printing(XL, VG/VG)10.00
4-103.Wolfe, ed., Faulkner: Fifty Years After The Marble Faun (1976):
Essays by Blotner, Brooks, Merriwether, and five others.
a) first printing (F/F minus)10.00
b) 1977 second printing, signed by Wolfe (F/F)10.00
4-104.Wright, Recalcitrance, Faulkner, and the Professors: A Critical Fiction (1990)softbound printing(VG)10.00
4-105.Zender, The Crossing of the Ways: William Faulkner, The South and the Modern World (1989)a) first printing(XL, VG/VG)10.00
b) softbound edition (VG)15.00

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