Section III: Faulkner Books - Biography and Reminiscence

Number Item Edition Condition Cost
3-1.Bezzerides and Abadie, William Faulkner: A Life On Paper (1980):
The transcript of a biographical film, with photographs.
first edition (XL, VG/VG)25.00
3-2.Blotner, William Faulkner's Library: A Catalogue (1964)first edition (XL, VG/ none, as issued)40.00

Strictly speaking this is not a biography, since it says nothing about Faulkner's life. Though perhaps this cataloge of the close to twelve hundred volumes owned by Faulkner and found by Blotner in 1964 in Rowan Oak, Charlottesville, or a farm outside of Oxford; sorted into many categories and indexed; says more about Faulkner than stories of drunken escapades. Kind reader, where would you list this book? It is hard to get - and I think quite informative.

3-3.Blotner, Faulkner: A Biography (1974):
The original two volume edition.

To the best of my knowledge the first printing was issued in a slipcase and no dust jackets. The second printing eliminated the slipcase and added dust jackets priced $30.00 on the front flap. The book club edition had unpriced dust jackets and no slipcase.

a) uncorrected prooftwo volumes only, both VG75.00

The two volume Blotner biography appeared in proof form in three volumes. I have seen only two sets of proofs of this text, and this incomplete set is one of them. I have here parts one and three: part two, comprising chapters 32 through 50, is missing. I rate the chances of finding part two by itself as about the same as finding the three parts together - poor in both cases. The choice here may be getting two/thirds or getting none.

b) first printing (books VG, slipcase VG)70.00
c) the second printing(both VG/VG)50.00
3-4.Coughlan, The Private World of William Faulkner (1954):
The infamous study done for Life magazine, expanded for book form.
softbound edition (VG)7.00
3-5.Cowley, And I Worked At the Writer's Trade: Chapters of Literary History, 1918-1978 (1978):
In writing of his own life Malcolm Cowley has a lot to say about Faulkner's.
first edition (VG/VG)15.00
3-6.Falkner, Murry, The Falkners of Mississippi (1967):
A family history by William's brother.
a) first printing (VG/VG)40.00
b) second printing (VG/VG)25.00
3-7.Faulkner, Jim, Across the Creek: Faulkner Family Stories (1986)first printing(VG/VG)20.00
3-8.Faulkner, John, My Brother Bill (1963):
A memoir by William's brother.
a) first printing (F/F)25.00
b) third printing (VG/VG)15.00
c) Yoknapatawpha Press Edition (1975) (VG/VG)15.00
d) first paperback printing (F)10.00
e) Hill Street Classics paperback printing, signed by Faulkner's nephew Jimmy (F)30.00
3-9.Franklin, Bitterweeds (1977):
A memoir by William's step-son.
#94 of 300 signed copies (F/F)300.00
3-10.Haynes, William Faulkner: His Lafayette County Heritage, Lands, Houses and Businesses (1992)#61 of 374 signed copies (F/none, as published)30.00
3-11.Hickman, William Faulkner and Joan Williams: The Romance of Two Writers (2006)softbound original, first printing (F)10.00
3-12.Karl, William Faulkner: American Writer (1989)first edition (VG/VG)16.00
3-13.Minter, William Faulkner: His Life and Work (1980)first printing (XL/D, G/G)15.00
3-14.Oates, William Faulkner: The Man and the Artist (1987)first printing(XL/D, VG/VG)10.00
3-15.Taylor, Faulkner's Oxford: Recollections and Reflections (1990)first printing(G/VG)20.00
3-16.Terry, Faulkner, Ghosts and Local Folk: Conversin' At the Compson House (1987)softbound original (VG)15.00
3-17.Webb and Green, eds., William Faulkner of Oxford (1965):
Accounts of Faulkner by people who knew him, with photos.
first printing (inscription, else VG/ VG)30.00
3-18.Wells, The Ghosts of Rowan Oak: William Faulkner's Ghost Stories for Children (1980)a) first edition (VG/VG)15.00
b) first Spanish edition (1992), first printing (F/ none, as issued)30.00
3-19.Wilde, A Loving Gentleman (1976)a) first edition, signed by Wilde (VG/VG)50.00
b) first edition, unsigned (VG/VG)20.00
3-20.Willliamson, William Faulkner and Southern History (1993)a) first edition, signed (VG/VG)30.00
3-21.Wolff and Watkins, Talking About William Faulkner (1996):
Interviews with nephew Jimmy and others.
a) first printing, review copy, signed by Jimmy (F/F)25.00
b) first edition (F/F)20.00

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