Section V: Faulkner Books - Photographic Studies

Number Item Edition Condition Cost
5-1.Cofield, The Cofield Collection (1978)
Though Faulkner permitted other photographers to take his picture the Cofields were the only ones he wanted to. This book is the best visual record of Faulkner, the man.
a) softbound Advance Review Copy(stain on cover)100.00
b) first edition (VG/VG)100.00
5-2.Dain, Faulkner's County
Martin Dain was one of the first to photograph the real Lafayette County, Mississippi, the world Faulkner called Yoknapatawpha, and so a great visual record of what Faulkner was writing about. This also has many candid photos of Faulkner at Rowan Oak. There was a limited edition of this book published 30 years later signed by Dain, editor Tom Rankin and Larry Brown who swrote a foreward; and that includes a loose authentic, hand-created copy of a Dain photograph of Faulkner,
a)1964 first edition, signed by Dain. (VG/VG)100.00
b)1964 first edition
A pencil note in front says that this was the copy of Erle Yahn, the designer of the book. I see no other sign of this and suspect that the note was written by a dealer, not by Yahn. Regardless, it is a nice copy.
c)1964 first edition (VG/VG minus)50.00
d) See also item 10-1, a Dain photo-essay in Life magazine; and item 13-12, a promotional poster for the reissue of the book .
5-3.Desvergnes, Yoknapatawpha: The Land of William Faulkner (1989)a) softbound original, French language edition(VG)40.00
b)softbound original, English language edition (1990) (VG)30.00
Though the book was not published until 1989, and then only in France, Alain Desvergnes had been in Mississippi at the same time as Martin Dain. I think he did a better job than Dain of capturing the land and its people.
5-4.Groom, The Land of Rowan Oak: An Exploration of Faulkner's Natural World (2016)first edition(VG/none)5.00
A photographic study, with text, of Rowan Oak and the surrounding Bailey Woods through the eyes of a botanist.
5-5.Morris and Eggleston, Faulkner's Mississippi (1990)
An expanded version of the 1989 National Geographic article, with photos of Faulkner's homeland by collected photographer William Eggleston and text by Willie Morris.
a) first printing, signed by Morris and Eggleston(F/VG)200.00
b) first printing, signed by Morris (F/VG)100.00
c) first printing, unsigned (F/VG)30.00
5-6.Wilson, Faulkners, Fortunes and Flames (1984)first edition, one of 1,000 copies(VG/VG)100.00
The Cofield volume above and a French book are the best visual record of William Faulkner's life. This obscure volume is the best visual record of pertinent life before William. By researching deeds and contacting the descendents of Oxford's early settlers for family photographs the author provides a chronicle of the development of the region that would come to be defined by its most famous son. We know what Rowan Oak looks like by going to Old Taylor Road, but only with this book can we know what the woman Faulkner purchased the property from looked like. JWT Falkner's home; Phil Stone's home; Memory House - if the bricks and morter and the stories behind those bricks and morter that shaped the writer matter to you this is an esential - and sadly hard to find - book.

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