Section VI: Faulkner Periodicals - Fiction

If a first edition is the first publication then the first edition of most Faulkner stories and much other material as well is the first periodical appearance. The idea that only books are collectible deserves to be questioned. In my opinion if the magazine came before the book it is at least as important as the book. And it is worth pointing out that for people with limited funds periodical appearances are much more easily afforded than books, and so offer a better opportunity to assemble a substantial collection.

Magazines may also offer a richer experience. A book exists as a discreet artifact, almost insulated from the world around it. In great contrast, a story in a magazine shares living space with work by other authors, advertisements, and other insights to what was happening in the world at the time. Magazine versions often include illustrations not included in a later book, another benefit. A magazine may offer a broader perspective lacking from a book.

In this section the first couple of entries are by name of the periodical, thereafter listings are alphabetical by title of story.

Listed by Periodical Name
Number Item Edition Condition Cost
6-1.The Double Dealer, April, 1925original (F minus)600.00
6-2. The Double Dealer, June, 1925original (F minus)600.00
The April issue contains the story "Verse Old and Nascent: A Pilgrimage" and the poem "The Faun." The June issue contains "The Lilacs," a poem.

The obstacle in acquiring early Faulkner books is price; the challenge in acquiring Faulkner periodicals from 1930 and before is availability. Copies of The Double Dealer sell for under a thousand dollars when found; the problem is that they are never found.

6-3.Contempo, February 1, 1932 a) original(F - unfolded, scarce thus)75.00
b) original(VG - folded, as usual)60.00
Contains the first appearances of the story "Once Upon the Lugger" and the poems "I Will Not Weep For Youth," "Knew I Love Once," "Twilight," "To a Virgin," "Winter Is Gone," "Visions In Spring," "Spring," "April" and "My Epitaph". This was the first periodical devoted predominantly to Faulkner, and so an important publication.
6-4.Lillabulero, Spring 1967a) original (VG minus - see note below)30.00
This Chapel Hill, NC journal contains the first reprints of the story "Once Upon the Lugger" and the poems "I Will Not Weep For Youth," "Winter Is Gone," "Visions In Spring," "April" and "A Child Looks From His Window".
The cover is faded. The biggest flaw is that the sheet of paper forming a pocket holding several loose pages has ripped away from the inside of the back cover. This does not affect the Faulkner contributions. Given the obscurity of the publication this is a flaw that is, perhaps, forgivable.
Alphabetical by Story Name
6-5."Ambuscade" in Saturday Evening Post, September 29, 1934original (VG)30.00
6-6."Artist at Home" in Story, August 1933original (VG plus)35.00
6-7."Barn Burning" in Harper's, June 1939original (VG plus)30.00
6-8."A Bear Hunt" in Saturday Evening Post, February 10, 1934original (VG)30.00
6-9."Beyond" in Harper's, September 1933original (VG)30.00
6-10."The Brooch" in Scribner's, January 1936original (VG)30.00
6-11."Carcassonne" reprint in Dude, March 1957original (VG)15.00
6-12."Centaur In Brass" in American Mercury, February 1932original (VG minus)30.00
6-13."A Courtship" in Sewanee Review, Autumn 1948original (VG)25.00
6-14."Death Drag" in Scribner's, January 1932original (VG)30.00
6-15."Divorce in Naples" in Gent, June 1957original (VG)15.00
6-16."Elly" in Story, February 1934original (VG minus)30.00
6-17."An Error in Chemistry" in Ellery Queen, June 1946original (VG)20.00
6-18."Fox Hunt" in Harper's, September 1931original (VG minus)30.00
6-19."Go Down Moses" in Collier's, January 25, 1941original (VG)30.00
6-20."Golden Land" in American Mercury, May 1935original (F)30.00
6-21."Gold Is Not Always" in The Atlantic, November 1940original (F)25.00
6-22."Hair" in American Mercury, May 1931original (F)30.00
6-23."Hand Upon the Waters" in Saturday Evening Post, November 4, 1939original (VG)30.00
6-24."Hell Creek Crossing" in Saturday Evening Post, March 31, 1962:
Pre-book publication of this excerpt from The Reivers.
original (F)9.00
6-25."Honor" in American Mercury, July 1930original (VG)30.00
6-26."Honor" reprint in Hi-Life, November 1958original (VG)15.00
6-27."The Hound" in Harper's, August 1931original (VG)25.00
6-28. "The Jail" in Partisan Review, September-October 1951original (F)25.00
6-29."Jealousy" and "Episode" in Faulkner Studies, Winter 1954 (vol. 3, #4):
The first American printing of these stories since their appearances in newspapers in 1925.
6-30."The Kid Learns", reprint in Gamma, vol 1, #2 (1963)original (VG)10.00
6-31."L'Apres Midi d'un Faun" in New Republic, August 6, 1919 original, in a bound volume with issues of August through November, 1919
(XL, see note below) 250.00
As Faulkner's first literary publication the importance of this poem in the development of his career can not be overstated. The New Republic had a limited circulation and during this time period was printed on pulpy paper that tended to chip and get brittle, a combination leading to a present scarcity that also can not be overstated. The paper is not yet brittle but is getting there. This is potentially a serious problem; for now the volume is in good condition, with only minor chipping to page edges. The first few pages are loose. The Faulkner poem is undamaged. Price reflects the condition.
6-32."The Liar" reprint in The Saint Mystery Magazine, September 1962original (VG)10.00
6-33."Lion" in Harpers, December 1935original (VG minus)25.00
6-34."Lo!" in Story, November 1934original (VG minus)30.00
6-35."Lucas Beauchamp" in Virginia Quarterly Review, Summer 1999original (VG)20.00
6-36."Mink Snopes" in Esquire, December 1959:
First separate publication of a section from The Mansion, published the month before.
original, with original mailing box (VG)15.00
6-37."Monk" in Scribner's, May 1937original (F)30.00
6-38."A Mountain Victory" in Saturday Evening Post, December 3, 1932original (VG)30.00
6-39."Mr. Acarius" in Saturday Evening Post, October 9, 1965original (F)12.00
6-40."My Grandmother Millard and General Bedford Forrest In the Battle of Harrykin Creek" in Story, March-April 1943original (VG minus)30.00
6-41."A Name for the City" in Harper's, October 1950original (F)20.00
6-42."Notes On a Horsethief" in Vogue, July 1954:
Published before publication of A Fable.
original (F)20.00
6-43."The Old People" in Harper's, September 1940original (F minus)30.00
6-44."Pennsylvania Station" in American Mercury, February 1934original (VG)30.00
6-45."A Point of Law" in Collier's, June 22, 1940original (VG)30.00
6-46."Race at Morning" in Saturday Evening Post, March 5, 1955original (F)15.00
6-47."Retreat" in Saturday Evening Post, October 13, 1934original (VG)30.00
6-48."A Rose For Emily" in Forum, April 1930original (VG)not in stock
6-49."A Rose for Emily" reprint in Golden Book, March 1932original (fair)5.00
6-50."A Rose of Lebabon" in Oxford American, issue 5-6 1995original (VG)20.00
6-51."Shingles For the Lord" in Saturday Evening Post, February 13, 1943original (VG)30.00
6-52."Skirmish at Sartoris" in Scribner's, April 1935original (VG)30.00
6-53."Smoke" in Harper's, April 1932original (VG)30.00
6-54."Smoke" reprinted in Golden Book, April 1935original (VG)10.00
6-55."Spotted Horses" in Scribner's, June 1931original (VG)30.00
6-56."The Tall Men" in Saturday Evening Post, May 31, 1941original (F)25.00
6-57."That Will Be Fine" in American Mercury, July 1935original (XL, VG)30.00
6-58."That Will Be Fine" reprint in Fiction Parade, September 1935original (VG)10.00
6-59."There Was a Queen" in Scribner's, January 1933original (XL/D, VG minus)25.00
6-60."Tomorrow" in Saturday Evening Post, November 23, 1940original (F)25.00
6-61."Turn About" in Saturday Evening Post, March 5, 1932original (VG minus)30.00
6-62."Twixt Cup and Lip" in The Strand Magazine, October 2015original (VG - couple spots on cover)12.00
A previously unpublished play script.
6-63."Two Dollar Wife" in College Life, Vol 18 #1 (1936)original (VG - couple nicks in the spine)800.00
The Holy Grail of Faulkner story publications. Faulkner's usual outlets all rejected Two Dollar Wife, at a time when he needed cash. So he went with the only journal that would take it at any price. College Life was a low-circulation rag catering more to men's adventure and off-color humor than literature. It sold few copies, and those to people who did not value it or save it. Copies exist today but not many, and when marketed tend to be to Cornell Woolrich collectors. This rarely shows up in auctions. Consequently, this is very difficult to obtain. Very difficult. Not one of Faulkner's better efforts by any means, but no collection of what Faulkner wanted published during his prime is complete without this. This copy rates a solid Very Good. Some damage to spine, paper starting to brown, but not at all a bad copy. If you want it you may want to buy it when you see it, because there may be a long wait till the next copy.
6-64."Two Soldiers" in Saturday Evening Post, March 28, 1942original (F)25.00
6-65."Uncle Willy" in American Mercury, October 1935original (VG)30.00
6-66."The Unvanquished" in Saturday Evening Post, November 14, 1936original (VG)30.00
6-67."Vendee" in Saturday Evening Post, December 5, 1936original (VG)35.00
6-68."The Waifs" in Saturday Evening Post, May 4, 1957:
First separate appearance of this excerpt from The Town.
original (F)12.00
6-69."Wash" in Harper's, February 1934original (F)30.00
6-70."Wash" reprint in Outdoor Adventure, February 1957original (VG)15.00
6-71."The Wishing Tree" in Saturday Evening Post, April 8, 1967original (VG)20.00
6-72."With Caution and Dispatch" in Esquire, September 1979original (VG)10.00

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