Section VII: Faulkner Periodicals - Non-Fiction and Interviews

Listed chronologically.

Unless otherwise stated the interviews are reprinted in Lion In the Garden and the other
non-fiction is reprinted in Essays, Speeches and Public Letters.

Number Item Edition Condition Cost
7-1.A review by Faulkner of the book Test Pilot in American Mercury, November 1935original(VG)30.00
7-2.A letter by Faulkner about Hemingway, in Time, November 13, 1950original(VG)8.00
7-3.The Nobel Prize Speech in Look, February 27, 1951original(cover cut and stained)10.00
7-4.A reprint of Faulkner's 1952 Delta Council speech, plus six other biographical, critical and/or informative articles, in Delta Review, July-August 1965original(VG)10.00
7-5."I Decline to Accept the Fall of Man" in Perspectives, #1, Fall 1952:
This is a reprint of the Nobel Prize Speech with a different name.
original UK edition (F)7.00
7-6."Faith or Fear" in The Atlantic, August 1953original(F)15.00
7-7."A Guest's Impression of New England" in New England Journeys, #2 (1954)original(VG)20.00
7-8."A Guest's Impression of New England" reprinted in Ford Times, March 1955original(F)12.00
7-9."Kentucky: May: Saturday: Three Days to the Afternoon" in Sports Illustrated, May 16, 1955original(F)20.00
7-10."On Privacy" in Harper's, July 1955original(VG)20.00
7-11.A 1955 interview with Faulkner by Cynthia Grenier, in Accent, Summer 1956 original(VG)10.00
7-12.A letter by Faulkner about England's acts in Egypt, in Time, December 10, 1956original(VG)10.00
7-13.An excerpt of the Nobel Prize speech, in Adam Bedside Reader, #10, 1962original(VG minus)15.00
Would Faulkner, champion of not being limited by convention, have approved of his material appearing in a "men's" magazine with photos of topless women, or would he have thought that that was too much like being guided by the glands?
7-14."Impressions of Japan" reprinted in Esquire, October 1973:
Portraits of Faulkner and 38 others on the cover.
original (F)5.00

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