Section VIII: Faulkner Periodicals - Biography and Reminiscence

Listed alphabetically by name of journal, then chronologically.

Number Item Edition Condition Cost
8-1.American Heritage, December 1965:
Contains "The Day the Balloon Came to Town" by William's brother Murray. Reprint from William Faulkner of Oxford (item 3-17).
original hardbound volume with pictorial boards. (F/none, as issued)5.00
8-2.American Mercury, October 1930:
In an autobiographical piece Sherwood Anderson writes of his quarrels with Faulkner and Hemingway.
original (F)8.00
8-3.American Scholar, Autumn 1962:
Contains a reminiscence by Gay Wilson Allen of a 1955 trip to Japan the author shared with Faulkner.
8-4.The Bookman, December 1931:
Long biographical piece, with lots of photos.
original (XL, VG)10.00
8-5.Firsts: The Book Collector's Magazine, May 2004 original (F)5.00
This issue, devoted to "The Faulkners: William and John," contains brief biographies of the brothers; a bibliography with price guide for both brothers; and an article on Long Hot Summer, the movie made of The Hamlet. A substantial amount of information, most of it helpful.
8-6.Ladies' Home Journal, June 1981:
Contains "William Faulkner's Judith," recounted by Dean Faulkner Wells. Reprint from The Ghosts of Rowan Oak.
original (VG)3.00
8-7.Life, June 22, 1953:
Contains article on Faulkner at Pine Manor Junior College Commencement, with a photo.
original (VG)4.00
8-8.Life, September 28 and October 5, 1953:
Contains the original infamous report by Robert Coughlan, complete in two parts.
original (both issues VG)20.00
8-9.Life, July 20, 1962:
Contains two essays and many photos on Faulkner's life.
8-10.Mainstream, August 1962:
An obituary with a socialist perspective. Photo of Faulkner on the cover.
original (VG)10.00
8-11.New Yorker, November 21, 1970:
Contains the 1924 letter from the Post Office to Faulkner about his performance as postmaster.
original(missing back cover)6.00
8-12.Saturday Evening Post, July 13, 1963:
Contains article on the death of Faulkner, with photos.
original (VG)8.00
8-13.Saturday Review of Literature, May 21, 1938:
Contains a biographical article by the editor of Contempo, with photos.
original (XL/D, VG)10.00
8-14.Sewanee Review, Winter, 1963:
Contains an obituary by Allen Tate, and an article on Sanctuary by Cleanth Brooks.
original (VG)10.00
8-15.Time, January 23, 1939:
Contains a biographical report. Great photo on cover.
original (F)40.00
8-16.Time, February 25, 1957:
Contains a report on Faulkner at the University of Virginia, with a photo.
original (G plus)3.00
8-17.Time, July 13, 1962:
Contains an obituary.
original (VG)8.00
8-18.Time, July 17, 1964:
Great portrait of Faulkner on the cover. Inside is an article with photos on Faulkner.
original (VG)20.00

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