Section XIV: Other Faulkner Family Members

Number Item Edition Condition Cost
Col. William C. Falkner - William's great-grandfather

The Old Colonel had a tremendous influence on Faulkner. For a short time he enjoyed a popularity with his contemporaries. But of his three novels only one was republished in the 20th century. The 19th century printings are tremendously scarce today.

14-1.Rapid Ramblings In Europe (1884)a) first printing, blue cloth(VG minus/none, as issued)500.00
b) first printing, olive green cloth(G plus/none, as issued)500.00

This was issued in at least three different cloth colors (the one I don't have here is gold). It is not known which came first.

14-2.The White Rose of Memphis1912 Dillingham edition(G/none, as issued)45.00
Maud Falkner - William's mother original 22" by 28" oil paintingoriginal(VG minus)2,000.00

There are spots where the paint has chipped off, and the canvas could be secured more firmly in the decorative outer frame (which makes the outer dimension closer to 30" by 25"). But Maud's paintings rarely turn up on the market, and this would make a good Faulkner collection that much better. This is unconditionally guaranteed as authentic. Additional photos can be provided. Insured postage will be at actual cost, not my flat rate.

Murray Falkner - William's brother: See item 8-1.
John Faulkner - William's brother
14-4.Men Working (1941)a) first printing(F/VG)125.00
b) second printing (VG/none)25.00
c) 1975 Yoknapatawpha Press hardbound printing (VG/VG)15.00
d) first paperback printing (1952) (VG)20.00
14-5.Dollar Cotton (1942)a) first printing in beige cloth, review copy(VG/chips from top of spine and top of rear panel, other creasing)125.00
b) first edition in brown cloth (VG/ none)35.00

One could assume that the beige cloth is the first state since that is the review copy, but it is also possible that both cloths were used at the same time.

c) first edition in generic library binding (G plus/ none)15.00
d) first paperback printing (1952)(F)20.00
d) French edition, paperback original (1949) (VG/ fair)35.00

This was published only in paperback, with an outer illustrated jacket. The jacket has extensive repairs inside with clear tape, and spotting on the outside.

14-6.Chooky (1950)first printing(F/G plus plus)60.00
14-7.Cabin Road (1951)a) 1969 LSU Press hardbound edition, signed by John's widow Lucille and son Jimmy(F/VG)50.00
b) 1969 LSU Press hardbound edition (F)15.00
c) 1969 LSU Press softbound edition (F)8.00
14-8.Uncle Good's Girls (1952) paperback original, first printing (1958) (G)15.00
14-9.The Sin Shouter of Cabin Road (1955)a) first edition, softbound original(VG)15.00
b) first edition, third printing(VG)10.00
14-10.Ain't Gonna Rain No More (1959)a) Canadian edition, softbound original(VG)15.00
14-11."Progress Report" in Collier's, June 14, 1941original(VG)20.00
14-12."Treasure Trail" in Collier's, March 6, 1943original(VG)20.00
14-13."The Treasure Hunt" in Adam, Vol. 9, No. 9 (1965)original(F)15.00
14-14."John Faulkner's Vanishing South" with many reproductions of John's paintings, in American Heritage, April 1971original hardbound volume(F, though pages loose)6.00
14-15."The Hate Here Now" in Saturday Evening Post, November 10, 1962:
A non-fiction account of Oxford's reaction to the integration of Ole Miss.
14-16.(biography) pamphlet by James W. Webboriginal(VG)3.00
14-17.(critical study) "John's Yoknapatawpha" by Redding Sugg Jr., reprinted from The South Atlantic Quarterly, Summer 1969original reprint, inscribed by Sugg(VG)15.00
See also item 3-8, and item 8-5.
Malcolm Franklin - William's stepson: See item 3-9.
Jim Faulkner - William's nephew: See items 3-7 and 3-20..
Dean Faulkner Wells - William's neice
14-18.The Great American Writers' Cookbook (1981)first edition, softbound original(VG)15.00
See also item 3-18.
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