Section XI: Faulkner On the Screen

Promotional movie posters are generally issued in standard sizes, though each country has its own particular standards. Most promotional posters are folded for distribution, and therefore have creases from the folding. A folded poster can be in Fine condition and still have creases at the "official" folds. Posters that are rolled or flat, alternatives to folding, should not have creases. Posters 27" x 41" and bigger that are not folded are much scarcer and in many cases virtually non-existent, especially for films before the 1970s. All posters in this catalogue are folded unless otherwise stated except for lobby cards, a type of small promotional poster, which are never folded.

An exhibitors' campaign manual, or "pressbook," contains promotional artwork for the movie, and also frequently provides background and biographical information on and photos of the film and its stars. Unlike posters pressbooks have no standard format whatsoever.

The year listed for any movie in this catalogue is that of the film's release. The date for books and magazines in this section is of publication. All materials in this section are American unless otherwise stated. Titles are listed alphabetically.

Number Item Edition Condition Cost
11-1.Foote, Three Plays (1962):
Contains screenplays for Old Man and Tomorrow, plus one not Faulkner-related.
first printing, paperback original (VG)20.00
See also items 1-57 through 1-61 with filmscripts written by Faulkner.
As I Lay Dying
11-2.62" x 45" French poster original(F) 60.00
Barn Burning
11-3.16 millimeter movie on two 12" reelsoriginal(I have not played it - I believe it to be in playable condition.)75.00
The Bear - the movie
If critical studies are worthwhile because they provide insight into the texts then film adaptations should have similar value. Slick Hollywood productions can often be dismissed as more interested in profit than elucidation, but that is no response to, for instance, the understated film version of Tomorrow. To the best of my knowledge The Bear was never given a commercial release, it was intended only as a teaching tool in schools. Does the director have a compelling narrative? Maybe not, but then neither do a lot of critics. Is the acting brilliant? Maybe not, but then neither is a lot of critical writing. It seems to me that people interested in what critics have to say about the story should also care about this kind of guide to understanding.

This is, I will say without fear of error, a phenomenally scarce item. This 24 minute movie was never released on video or otherwise made available to the general public. It is not even included in, the most comprehensive movie database I know of. Bootleg copies of the "big" Faulkner films are readily available; The Bear exists only on a very limited number of 16mm copies. Another item that needs to be purchased when found or lived without.

11-4.16 millimeter movie on a 12" reel
original(I have not played it - I believe it to be in playable condition.)75.00
Intruder in the Dust - the movie (1949)
11-5. Fadiman, Faulkner's Intruder In the Dust: Novel Into Film (1978):
A book studying the transformation, with the complete screenplay and photographs from the film.
first printing (F/F minus)40.00
The Long Hot Summer
The Long Hot Summer was the basis of a 1958 movie; a 1965 26-episode television series; and a 1988 three hour made-for-TV movie, making it the most-filmed Faulkner story. The earlier movie is minimally based on Faulkner's tale, but any relationship between the last two and Faulkner, other than a setting in the South and some characters named Varner, is strictly coincidental and almost completely invisible. Which raises the question why producers would go to the trouble and expense of licensing Faulkner's name. The plot lines crafted for the boob tube are so little influenced by what Faulkner had written that there could have been no fear of copyright violation, and no one could have believed that adding Faulkner's name to 1965 and 1988 productions would add marketability (though apparently some executive in 1988 thought exactly that). Another very perplaxing chapter in the world of Faulkner.
the 1958 movie
11-6.27" x 41" poster original(G) 75.00
11-7.14" x 36" poster original(VG minus minus) 40.00
11-8.14" x 11" lobby card poster original(VG minus minus) different ones, each 10.00
11-9.7 1/2" x 9 1/2" movie stills original(VG) 4.00 each
11-10.12 page pressbook original(one 2-sided page cut up) 20.00
11-11.Sheet music for the movie theme. Cover illustration includes Faulkner's name. original (F)25.00
11-12.17 3/4" x 22" French poster original(VG) 50.00
11-12a.26 1/2" by 18 1/2" Italian poster original(G) 40.00
See also item 8-5.
the television series
To learn more about this show listen to the lead actors discuss it here and here. draft of "Long Climb Up a Steep Hill" episode original(VG) 40.00
11-14.first draft of "Face of Fear" episode original(VG) 40.00
Though the television show was quite successful in its day, and lead to lead actor Roy Thinnes becoming a major star, it has almost completely disappeared from the public consciousness today. Episodes have never been re-released or re-broadcast, and promotional materials are extremely difficult to find. The scripts were never published, either. These are from Thinnes' personal library, and the notes may be in his hand.
11-15.postcards from the former Yugoslavia - I have three different ones original(G to VG) each 5.00
The former Yugoslavia apparently had a big interest in American movies. It also had an interest in this television series: I'm aware of a 45 RPM record of the theme song with a cast photo on the outside, and a set of six postcards. Today there may be more people discussing the show in Slovakian than in English.
the 1988 movie
11-16.promotional 8" x 10" photo of Cybill Shepard original(F) 4.00
The Old Man - the movie (1997) promotional copy(F)15.00
The Reivers - the movie (1970)
11-18. 27" x 41" poster a) original (VG minus)50.00
b) original, but for foreign markets (couple of small stains)60.00
We in America are so used to a rating system for movies that we no longer notice it. Sure, we don't want to let our 13 year olds see "adult" films, but we probably rely as much on reviews and the way the film is promoted as the letter code attached which, truth be told, most of us don't trust any way. Truth also be told, these ratings are a distinctly American form of moral protection (which was started, in large part, because of the 1933 film adaptation of Faulkner's Sanctuary). People in other countries feel free to make up their own minds without some censorship board telling them whether one scene of two adults being nice to each other is worse for children than hundreds of human beings getting blown into hamburger. And so with few exceptions movies in other countries don't have ratings. And posters for movies being shown in other countries do not say how the film is rated. The "American" one-sheet for The Reivers has a rating code on it; the American poster intended for foreign markets does not. The one without is quite uncommon.
11-19.14" x 22" poster original (flat, several creases)30.00
11-20.11" x 14" lobby cards a) complete set of eight original cards (VG minus to VG)50.00
b) individual original cards(VG minus to VG)5.00 each
11-21.8" x 10" lobby cards a) complete set of eight original cards (VG minus)50.00
b) individual original cards(VG minus)5.00 each
11-22.8" x 10" black and white movie stillsoriginal(VG) each 4.00
11-23.soundtrack album original (VG minus/G plus)15.00
11-24.29" x 43" Argentinian poster original(VG minus) 60.00
11-25.13 1/2" x 21" Belgian poster original(F) 60.00
11-26.40" x 30" English poster original(G - the poster looks VG but five inches are cut off the bottom, reducing the size to 40" by 25", and a ticket price has been written in in black ink) 15.00
11-27.47" x 63" French poster original(VG) 70.00
11-28.24" x 32" French poster original(VG minus) 40.00
11-29.13"x27" Italian poster original(F) 50.00
11-30.19"x29" Italian Fotobusta posters seven different originals(VG) each 35.00
11-31.13"x29" Australian poster original(one small edge chip) 30.00
11-32.Japanese souvenir program with lots of photos original(F minus) 40.00
11-33.German booklet with promotional ads and photos original(F) 40.00
Sanctuary - the movie (1961)
11-34.27" x 41" poster original(F)60.00
11-35.41" x 81" poster:
original (in two pieces as produced, VG)100.00
These big posters (called three-sheets) are considerably less common than the standard 27" by 41" (one-sheet). It takes a big wall to display one, but what a display when mounted! And given the rarity a nice addition to a collection.
11-36.81" x 81" poster:
original (in four pieces as produced, VG)150.00
Six-sheets are considerably less common than three-sheets.
11-37. 14" x 22" poster original (flat, F)35.00
11-38. complete set of eight different 11" x 14" lobby cards original (all F)75.00
11-39.many different 8" x 10" black and white movie stills all are originalall are (F) 4.00 each
11-40.13" x 16" 12 page exhibitors' campaign manual original(VG)55.00
11-41.29" x 43" Argentinian poster original(G) 50.00
The Sound and the Fury - the movie (1959)
11-42.27" x 41" poster original (G)55.00
11-43.27" x 41" Spanish language poster original (VG)65.00
At some point in the 1960s the Spanish-speaking population in the United States became a big enough market that posters were designed for that market. As could be expected the market was not big enough that these posters were produced in great quantities, so they are rather uncommon. A fascinating comment on changing American demographics and Faulkner marketing.
11-44.28" x 22" poster original (VG)40.00
11-45. complete set of eight different 11" x 14" lobby cards original (VG minus to VG)65.00
11-46.8" x 10" black and white movie stillsoriginal(F) 4.00 each
11-47.sheet music for the movie theme songoriginal(VG minus) 20.00 each
11-48.21 1/2" x 15 1/4" Belgian poster original (VG minus)75.00
Tarnished Angels - the movie (1957)
11-49.27" x 41" poster original(VG minus minus)75.00
11-50.complete set of eight 11" x 14" lobby cardsoriginal(generally VG) 60.00
11-51.8" x 10" black and white movie stillsoriginal(VG) each 5.00
11-52.complete set of six 8" x 10" UK lobby cardsoriginal(all VG) 50.00
11-53.13" x 30"Australian poster original(F)30.00
11-54.February 1958 issue of Screen Stories magazine, with article on the movieoriginal(G) 5.00
Today We Live - the movie (1933)
11-55.full-page magazine ad for the movie, with illustration of Joan Crawford original(VG)5.00
Tomorrow - the movie (1971)
11-56.13" x 19" poster for a screening of the movie at a New York City playhouseoriginal(G) 10.00
11-57.8" x 10" black and white movie stillsoriginal(VG) each 4.00
11-58.11" x 22" poster for the video releaseoriginal(G) 5.00
Two Soldiers
This story was first filmed in 1985 and then again in 2003. The two productions are completely unrelated. Both versions were well received critically. Both were released on video but I have never seen a video of either. The 2003 production is available on DVD.

On the subject of video releases: I had long believed that The Story of Temple Drake, Sanctuary and The Sound and the Fury had never been released on video. I can now say that The Sound and the Fury had a limited video release in Australia and a limited blue ray release in the US. Otherwise, I don't think these three films had any commercial releases. Bootleg copies do turn up on the market, quality varies. (And if you buy an Australian video you will need a machine that plays PAL videos, as they won't play on standard American machines.)

the 1985 movie
11-59.16 millimeter movie on a 12" reel, of the 1985 version
This sold originally for $495.00.
original(I have not played it - I believe it to be in playable condition.)75.00

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